Rovers Host Unity; Deuces Were Wild

An ultra-special edition of the Match recap, as we’re splitting it up between 2 of the more, um, “relaxed” Pirates. Your humble web admin Adam takes on the early action with James arriving in time from work for the late game in this weeks Stadler and Waldorf edition.

Once again, I admit I’m probably the worst person to recap the ins-and-outs an actual football match. So let’s talk food.

This season, we’ve had food trucks at Rovers home matches at Swangard. There’s also been an increased emphasis on game day atmosphere, with the “cornhole activation,” and the Parallel 49 beer tent (which they moved to the south end!). Friday nights also mean that a lot of our academy players can come out and cheer on the teams and see what they might aspire to one day. I had to fill in for our game-day DJ, Bruce, for the home opener, and run the scoreboard, so I really didn’t get to partake in the festivities for the first game. So Friday in the return matches vs Unity was my first taste (literally) of the new vibes…

Rovers at BFC; the Debut Burnaby Derby

This 2024 League1 BC season has been marked by change; Nautsa’mawt FC and the Victoria Highlanders are out, and Burnaby FC is in. A proper derby is born. 

I say “proper” as the term “derby” has a looser definition over here in North America, as one Scottish Swanguardian is quick to remind us all. Two rivals does not a derby make. It’s not even regional, like a Cascadian battle between Vancouver vs. Seattle. No, a derby is contested between two competing teams of the same city. Man U vs. Man City. Chelsea-Arsenal. Liverpool-Everton. Celtic-Rangers. Shamrock Rovers-Bohemians (Google it). Etc…

We’re Higher Than You; Rovers Sink Altitude FC in Home Opener

A pirate’s life is inherently one spent travelling, journeying. You can’t be a pirate and stay in one place all the time, can you? One must, more often than not, “set sail on the high seas” – almost literally, in our case; no sails were set, but our band of pirates has already travelled by boat to an away match this young season, and we’ll soon do it again. 

The thing is, though we love our “pirate” moniker, travel is not the only inspiration for it. Us Swanguardians are also home-bodies. It’s right there in the name; we are the Guardians of Swangard (yes, note the spelling) Stadium. We have a home port to defend, and the great thing about journeying away from home is that, once you finally get back, it feels so good to be where things are most familiar and comfortable. That said, and while many great things indeed were, not everything was familiar at dear, old Swangard when we finally got in its midst for the first time in 10 months…

Pirates’ Away Daze Starts the New 2024 Rovers Campaign

Rovers’ 2024 campaign was meant to begin where last year’s League1 BC regular season dramatically ended, in Victoria against the Highlanders. Back in July, our men’s side had the lead with stoppage time approaching, needing a mere draw to top the table and, with that, earn another berth into the Canadian Championship. It didn’t happen. The Highlanders scored two quick, soul-crushing goals at the death and miraculously won 3-2, giving them a shot at a cup upset like our own over Valour FC in ’23. By the time that shot came around, however, the volunteer-run Victoria Highlanders were suddenly out of the picture, allegedly felled by the growing cost of professionalism as part of League1, just as play was set to begin again. For Rovers, instead of ending April with the start of the league, they stepped into May with a surprise CanChamp cup tilt. Instead of contesting a rematch against Highlanders in one competition, Rovers took their place in another. We wanted revenge against Victoria, but not like this…

Saying Goodbye to Wonderful People

This week we are saying farewell to two coaches who have become TSS Rovers legends in their time at our club. Chelsey Hanneson came to us for our inaugural season in League 1 BC and immediately took the culture of TSS Rovers. With her credentials and experience, she was a natural to head up our women’s team. Listen to her on Footy Prime podcast back in 2022 or in this interview that she did with The Third Sub. She brought her deep belief in the women’s game and the women players to our team and was met by our deep belief in her. When the club rallied all of our…

Island Times: A Quick-Strike Visit to Harbourside Sets Up a Big Finale in Victoria

Most don’t get away days like we do. One of the coolest things about supporting local football here in BC is the relative proximity of each ground and the beautiful scenes between them. With MLS and the CPL, hitting the road to support your team might mean flying thousands of miles across the continent. League1 BC, on the other hand, offers stunning day trips. There’s nothing quite like sailing by ferry through the shimmery Salish Sea, glorious mountain peaks all around, en route to invade one of the intimate grounds on Vancouver Island. Rovers and their supporters, fresh off a successful trip to Nanaimo’s Harbourside FC, are now preparing for…

Club Update 5-Jul-23

Just 3 match days to go and the mighty pirates are in the thick of three big competitions. A playoff push, a title push for the men, and the Juan de Fuca Plate.


  • Welcome to match week 11. On the road at UBC to face Nautsa’mawt FC.
  • Game recaps from a match week vs Rivers FC in Kamloops.
  • News Shorts: Juan de Fuca Plate Updates, Rovers Community Giving Fund, & Final Prideraiser totals 
  • More fun: TSS  Youth Corner, Goals of the Week, Rovers Merch and just cool stuff

Club Update 20-Jun-23


  • Welcome to match week 9. The last home match of season 2!
  • Game recaps from a match weekend vs Altitude FC in North Vancouver
  • News Shorts: Pro Rover debut, Rovers Community Giving Fund, & Prideraiser Updates
  • More fun: Goals of the Week, Rovers Merch and just cool stuff

The 2023 Ironworker’s Derby, Game 2 Recap Executive Summary [Parody]

06-18-2023 – Kinsman Field, North Vancouver, British Columbia – League1 BC action between the TSS Rovers FC Women and Altitude FC Women. TSS Rovers won the match 2-3. Scoring Summary 4′ – TSS – Delana Friesen 57′ – TSS – Delana Friesen 65′ – ALT – Charlotte Ring 68′ – TSS – Sophia Faremo 87′ – ALT – Rayna Smith-Marshall

I could never replace the writing super powers of our own Kyrsten Downton and James Siddall but they were off doing important things for our little club so you are all stuck with me 🙂 Unfortunately the only type of writing I know how to do is status reporting so with that in mind; I present you the Match Day 8 recap – Ironworker’s Derby Leg 2. TSS Rovers Women TSS Rovers Men Summary It was a nice sunny day that happened to also be fathers days and Chris Corrigan’s birthday. The TSS Rovers came and took all the Altitudes points (6 specifically). Swangardians helped by drinking all the beer.…

The 2023 Ironworker’s Derby, A Two-Legged Affair: Game 1 Recap + Game 2 Preview

Our sun-soaked Rovers gamedays at Swangard are already winding down for the year, sadly – the last five matches of the season are all on the road as work is being done to the track that surrounds our grass pitch. Sunday’s home tilt against Altitude FC, the first leg of the this year’s Ironworker’s Derby, was the penultimate chance to root for the home team in 2023. The League1 BC season is already short enough, running for only three full months of the year, May thru July; most of our Rovers are also collegiate athletes, and thus their window of playing time outside of school is short. It’s tough to…

A Spirit of the Rovers Spotlight: Aaryn Vivian Finds Her Football Home

I arrived at the side entrance of Swangard Stadium on a sunny Saturday, ready to assist my fellow Swanguardians with setting up; this isn’t some big-league operation, where everyone can stumble in right at kickoff to start the party. Nope, here at TSS Rovers the supporters are part of the family, and that means there’s work to be done. While the players are in their locker rooms getting stretched out and taped up, a handful of Swanguardians pitch in and make the colourful in-game display what it is. And, unlike with MLS or even the CPL, each League1 BC matchday is a double-bill; first the women’s team play, and then…

Club Update 23-May-23

  • Welcome to match week 5 with our first matches on the road vs Whitecaps FC.rs
  • Game recaps from a match weekend vs Unity FC at Swangard
  • News Shorts: Last week for the share offering, Rovers Community Giving Fund, Prideraiser Updates
  • Adding to the fun: new Swanguardians’ website, Goal of the Week, and Rovers Merch

Rovers League1 BC Matchweek 4 – Trading Blows and Scorelines with Langley’s Unity FC

The Rovers gamedays continue to come hot and heavy, as does that sunshine. It was another steamy, summer-like May Saturday at Swangard, and there are few better places to take in the majesty of a fine Lower Mainland afternoon. Part of the stadium, the southwest side, which includes its entrance, is nestled away in the friendly confines of Burnaby’s beautiful, tree-filled Central Park; the other half opens up to the north, the low ground of Burnaby allowing view of the stunning North Shore mountains. The Swangard pitch, surrounded by an earth-toned track, feels like the centre of this universe. When it all comes together on a balmy day beneath a…

Rovers League1 BC Matchweek 3 – Striking Hot Against Harbourside

BC weather is not the only thing heating up the Swangard Stadium pitch this month. This past Saturday featured another anticipated League1 BC double-header for the TSS Rovers, facing Harbourside FC, the brand-new addition to League1 BC for this year. It was the first face-off between the two teams for both the men and women and both sides were looking to leave an impression. For the women, Rovers are slowly building their starters back into the line-up as they return from the US with their college seasons ending. They have not won a game this season and with last week’s game ending in a 1-1 tie, the women were hungry…

Pirates On Tour – Rovers Invade The Island In Search Of More Can Champ Glory

Rovers’ now-signature win over Valour in the Canadian Championship preliminary round was a glorious bit of treasure, enough for a supporter to live on for years. But the victory was also a ticket to the high seas, as the next Voyageurs Cup battle came against Vancouver Island’s CPL club, Pacific FC. It was time for us Pirates to batten down the hatches, fly the flag, and head off in search of gold – those three shiny points of PFC’s trident. Our pack of Pirates set sail from Tsawwassen on a sun-soaked Wednesday afternoon, meeting on the ship’s top deck to hoist the Jolly Roger. Nearby civilians scuttled away from our…

A Spirit of the Rovers Spotlight: Chris Corrigan – More than a Spectator

The notorious unpredictably of spring weather in the Lower Mainland loomed over Swangard stadium this past Saturday during its double header game of both the women and men TSS Rovers team. It was the kind of weather that confuses you – as you don’t know if you should wear shorts or a rain jacket. Despite the threat of a downpour, weather is never the reason for keeping the TSS Rovers fans (most commonly known as the Swanguardians) away from a home game. Since the very beginning, there is a special connection between the club and their fans, which in many ways has epitomized what the club stands for. One of…

Rovers League1 BC Matchweek 2 – A Heated Double-Bill Against the Highlanders

It’s been a sunny start to this new TSS Rovers season, on and off the pitch. The first two matchdays (including the Voyageurs Cup clash) saw the venerable Swangard Stadium bathed in glorious sun, a major win in the annual BC Springtime weather lottery. Speaking of major wins, that three-goal performance by the men’s side against the CPL’s Valour was bright enough to light up the night, giving us one of the highest of highs in club football: the cup upset. But, of course, things can’t always be rosy; the weather turns, challenges come. This League1 BC double bill against the Victoria Highlanders played out beneath a blanket of grey…

Club Update

  • Welcome to match week 2, with two games against our old rivals from Vancouver Island, the Victoria Highlanders
  • Celebrating The Club’s Achievements: Canadian Championship quarter final ticket and travel info
  • Goals that Give – Pledge to the Rovers Community Fund for every goal this season

Club Update

  • League1 BC starts up for both men and women’s squads
  • Game updates
  • Canadian Championship quarter final ticket and travel info


It’s no joke that when we started this journey we sketched a set of goals on the back of a napkin. We couldn’t imagine in 2018 when we joined the USL-PDL that we would appear in the Voyageurs Cup. But it was on our napkin. So even getting to play in this game was a years long dream for Colin Elmes and Brendan Quarry and Will Cromack and Darren Russcher and everyone else at Total Soccer who wanted to give their players the best chance to achieve their dreams.

TSS Rovers 2023 Schedule

We are super excited about the upcoming 2023 TSS Rovers season. We have all missed cheering on our Women’s and Men’s teams this off season but we are on the cusp of going back to Swangard and enjoying days out in the sun supporting Canada’s first every Supporter/Community owned Football (Soccer) team.

TSS Rovers 2022 Schedule is finally HERE!

After a long break, the time has finally arrived. The joyous time of year when you find out when your club team is playing. HERE WE HAVE IT! TSS ROVERS MEN’S & WOMEN’S SCHEDULE FOR 2022.We here are Spirit Of The Rovers are excited to finally get out to Swangard and meet all the wonderful new people that have become owners and meet up with our fellow supporters again. Follow the dream or be part of it. Join us and cheer our Rovers to victory. Join the Dream!

TSS Rovers Elimination Wine Draw


Rovers League1 teams are hosting the first Elimination Wine Draw and you are invited to play. Attached are all the details. We are hoping that you can all participate and help support our U23 players.  Wine teams are made up of four individuals. Friends, family, doesn’t matter. Just four adults. Each team picks a cool name to stand behind. e.g The Crazy Horses, Wine for Life, Soccer Winos, etc.

Scott Rintoul

Local Vancouver broadcast legend, Scott Rintoul, has joined in building a true community club.

Want to do something awesome like Scott. Join us in building history by becoming a co-owner of the TSS Rovers FC.

Jay Demerit

Former Whitecaps FC captain, Watford star defender, USMNT player and overall legend Jay Demerit has joined over 100 other TSS Rovers Co-Owners to help build something better together!

Want to build something awesome! Join us, create history.